AGM H5 Smartphone as Strong as ‘Stone’ Launched! Throw it or drown it, nothing will happen to it

A smartphone maker company is ‘AGM Mobile’. Rugged is known for making strong smartphones. The company offers the device for users who have a lot of outdoor activity and who want a smartphone that will last in every condition. AGM Mobile has announced its new smartphone H5. It is touted to be the world’s first ‘stock Android 12’ rugged smartphone. Stock Android means the original feel of the Android operating system, which does not have any other internal OS layer.The H5 smartphone will be available for purchase from April. This phone has some such features, which you will not find in any other device.

The first major feature of the H5 smartphone is the 109 dB capacity phone speaker. It is the loudest phone speaker in the market. The company says that the sound of the speaker of the H5 smartphone is so loud that users will not miss a single notification. The smartphone is available for pre-order from March 15 to April 18. The company is also offering AGM Buds and Charging Dock with a discount of up to 15% for the first pre-order users. The discount is limited to 5% on subsequent pre-booking. AGM H5 SmartphoneHas been brought in two RAM and storage options. The price of 4GB / 64GB variant is $ 269 i.e. around Rs 20,449 and the price of 6GB / 128GB variant is 299 $ i.e. around Rs 22,729.

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