5 Smashing Techniques You Should Use To Ensure a Successful Blog Launch

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5 Smashing Techniques You Should Use To Ensure a Successful Blog Launch

Launching a blog can be really exciting, but it is bound to be a little intimidating and stressful too. Lots of questions start to get thrown around and before you know it, you aren’t even sure whether or not you are ready for your launch after all. The truth is that a lot of it is simply nerves but if you want to be sure that you are totally prepared for a successful blog launch, the following tips and techniques should do the trick.

blog launch 5 Smashing Techniques You Should Use To Ensure a Successful Blog Launch

  1. Scour Your Content
    Before you publish any written content on your website it is important to read it three or four times and to get your friends and family to read it as well. This will help to catch spelling and grammar errors. Friends and family can also help you to determine whether you are successfully portraying your point or not. You don’t have to do this forever but stick with it for at least the first couple of weeks until you find your groove.
  2. Understand SEO
    Search engine optimization is extremely important if you want to be sure that your blog is easily found by others with the use of popular search engines out there- think Google, Bing, and Yahoo! While there is no need to become an expert (although the more you know the better you’ll serve yourself) it is in your best interest to learn how to choose keywords and implement them into your blog content.
  3. Tell Everyone You know
    Before your blog launches, scream it to the world! You should tell everyone you can think of with the use of fliers, email signatures, announcements on Twitter and Facebook, and even with the use of fun videos on Youtube. The more noise you make about your blog, the more attention it will get when it launches.
  4. Be Yourself
    You can expect to launch a successful blog if you are trying to be someone that you aren’t. Nobody is interested in those that are too afraid to express their own ideas and opinions so don’t shy away from your unique personality. The best way to do this is to really get to know yourself and then make your quirks work for you in one way or another. For example maybe you laugh a lot, even when it doesn’t seem warranted. There is nothing wrong with pointing it out and making fun of the point once in awhile as you explain why something not so funny seemed pretty funny to you.
  5. Keep Creating
    All successful blogs have one thing in common and that is the fact that they continue to post relevant content on a regular basis. Some blogs have content posted once a week while others tend to get updated on a daily basis. No matter what intervals you choose, make sure that you are consistent with it and you start early- at least a few weeks before you officially launch your blog. You want plenty of content for your visitors to experience from the get go.

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