WHo’ s warning these 3 things related to corona and Omicron are wrong , do not believe at all

WHO's warning, these 3 things related to Corona and Omicron are wrong, do not believe at all

Misinformation About Covid: Amidst the increasing cases of corona virus infection in different countries, different misconceptions and misinformation related to infection and virus are also spreading around the world. These things related to Kovid are working to increase fear in the minds of people. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has warned that false information about the corona virus should not be exchanged as it is creating an atmosphere of confusion and fear among the people.

World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Technical Officer Maria Van Kerkhove said on Saturday that the spread of misinformation and information (Misinformation About Covid-19) is also among the factors that lead to Omicron Variant. ) is increasing in infection.

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